Yoga - Roshini M
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Yoga with Roshi


I sometimes wonder where I’d be without Yoga? Seriously where would I be without this beautiful practice? Not just physically but more so the inward practice of yoga. This continuous unravelling and getting to see all parts of myself both the light and shadows is what keeps bringing me back time and time to the practice both on and off the mat.


My ‘Yoga journey’ didn’t begin with the inner work. It began one cold, wet day in Dublin when I stumbled into a smelly, stinky Bikram school desperate to move and generate some heat in my body. I initially loved how this practice heated up the outer layers of my body, but then over time, it was the stoking of the inner fire and that constant churning of my own consciousness that got me hooked.


For over 6 years now I have had the absolute pleasure and honour of teaching Yoga. I’m constantly refining how and what it is I offer in my classes. My teaching style comes from the heart and my classes are inspired and infused by the seasons, nature and what is going on around us energetically. I teach a very conscious Vinyassa flow that invites you to connect more deeply to your heart/wisdom, challenge you physically, breathe more fully and come back home to yourself.


Rosh happens to be my first ever yoga teacher and I am always left with a sense of gratitude when I think about how lucky I was to stumble upon someone as wonderful as her to help me and guide me through my practice. To me, a good teacher is someone who never makes their students feel inferior and not once has Rosh done that to me.  She somehow manages to perfectly combine both the physical and the spiritual in her teaching, in a way that neither one is left out of balance with the other and that’s what yoga should be. Without fail, I leave her classes floating and with a big smile on my face.

~ Alec Snow

Rosh is a very intuitive yoga teacher and she instinctively knows the pace that the class needs.  She guides the class with the right level of leadership and knows when to push people along too. She assists people with their posture and we cover a variety of poses, techniques and quiet time.  I only started yoga 3 years ago and as soon as I went to Rosh’s flow class I knew I had found the right place.  I have also been to a couple of her yoga retreats and they were amazing, with the right mix of classes, quiet time and group time.  I always leave the mat feeling refreshed and energised.

~ Katharine Seymour