Birth, Maternity, Family

Hey there, hello, beautiful Mama! 
As a mama myself, I know how “time poor” we can become and I know how crappy the quality of an image can be that your “hubby or the mother-in-law took (no offense guys), and I know that we are more often not even in the frame. 
Therefore, alongside a trillion other reasons I am so passionate about capturing these forever memories for you and generations to come. 
I hold this vision of stories being shared around campfires for years to come and someone racing inside to grab that album or print to reflect on that moment in time being spoken off. 
No one ever regrets passing on heirlooms. If you’re ready to have sacred moments in time frozen let’s chat. 
From bump to birth and beyond I am so passionate about WOMEN being elevated, celebrated, seen, and supported. 
We are LIVING ART forms creating, birthing and growing life. 
Your shoot can look like me holding sacred space at your birth behind the lens, chasing your kids along the beach to capture those in-between wild moments, wadding deep in the water to capture your blooming bump or being a fly on the wall for those intimate moments from newborn to family snuggling on your bed at home. I am so excited to capture your version of this. 


These images will be an exhale to and for your soul, and a reminder you mattered, you loved and enjoyed the richness of life


All my sessions include: 

  • A pre-consultation questionnaire & a comprehensive prep guide
  • An in-home or outdoor 60 – 90-minute photo session (exclusive from birth)
  • My full creative direction for your shoot
  • Digital products in every collection
  • Print options to choose from
    Plus, some extra special touches along the way! 

Maternity and Family starts from $595 

Birth Photography $2400 inclusive of a maternity shoot and home-cooked meal post-partum 

If you’re ready to create some art together, get in touch. I would LOVE to get to know you.


Oh, hey you, I am so grateful you’ve found your way here to find out more about my photography packages.

I truly feel so lit up by this work and helping amazing entrepreneurs, corporates, coaches, and public figures create beautiful photos for their website, social media platforms, PR, and other marketing collateral.

Some of my clients are movers and shakers who always need more photos. Others have a key project – a book launch, the rollout of a new program, a rebrand – that’s driving their desire to have their picture taken.Others work with me because they want beautiful photos for their website or social media… and they want other people to look at those photos and feel good. 

The KEY point above was ensuring we make our client’s FEEL something when they look at your images. So many of us make our business about what we can get and forget to anchor back into how we support and make out clients feel, this is one thing I empathise with a lot on my shoots, getting into the energy of inviting your community, clients and prospects into your online living room and space.

 My Branding shoots are all about capturing and delivering images that are the true essence of you. I’m an expert at snapping away and helping to take you on a journey and experience that will expand your brand, build your audience, gain more customers, and help you to find a deeper sense of self-worth and reverence throughout the journey.

I hear and see way too many of us women out there dimming our light and brilliance and being too dam scared to get in front of the lens because we don’t know how to act, feel or be in front of the camera.

Well, here’s some good news, I take the guesswork out of this for you, and make our time together fun and comfortable. This is so much more than a shoot. It’s a play, a discovery, a journey, a deep dive and it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.

I am so dam pumped and excited to chat and work with you if you’re ready to step more into owning yourself, showing up and taking your business to the next level.

photography mentoring

I am obsessed and froth on all thing’s spirituality, strategy and business and blending the two together to weave more abundance, flow, and aliveness back into your business today and for the long-term gain and sustainability. 

There are so many coaches and mentors out there, and to be honest, I have been ‘burnt” a few times making decisions from fear and lack not possibility and excitement, so why would you use/choose me? 

Well, I started a business from nothing. And I mean nothing- no following, no husband, or parents to fall back on, no inheritance. I was a yoga teacher, new Mum to a one-year-old son, and I just had the strongest pull from within (soul nudge), to take photos, that was my starting point. And over the last five years, I’ve shot some of the world’s most influential business women 

One more thing- I’ve done this at the same time as raising a luscious boy, my son Louis, moving interstate, hitting rock bottom, and building a whole new community, business, and client bases around me and then some daily living of life weaved in with all of this right.  

I’ve had to navigate all the highs and lows in business.  (link to poddy) & make (am still making) mistakes, but I am excited to collapse time for you through all my tired and tested signature methods. 

I also don’t believe in there being “ONE WAY” or 10 steps to get, I believe in working with you the individual 1-1, for what you want and desire from and for your life and how your business can support that and then some.  

I’ve worked with coaches myself, and will forever work with a coach, as I know the potency and magic of investing and the alignment that flows from that.  I also know we need to sift through the 20% of actions that really work – prioritise them and that we need to do both inner work and take real, strategic actions. 

I’m not about having you pandering to my greatness, but I’m about combining the real and practical, with your unique divine- ness, I don’t mentor to your wounds; I call you to align back into your highest self.  

I am not here to heal or fix you, but rather guide you back into connection with the wholeness that already exists within.  

The time to step up, out and shine in your magnetism and thrive in your space and business is now gorgeous, the world needs you and your creative genius.  

So, are you ready to have someone who cares about your business as much as you.  

Let’s chat.  



  • Un-kinking the energy blocks in your current business model  
  • Business structure and systems that excite you  
  • Clearing out the “rules” that are out of alignment in your business  
  • Aligned work- flow   
  • Heart-centred selling  
  • Client boundaries  
  • Clear road map for your next 12 months   
  • Intentional aligned strategies for your business   
  • Scalability   
  • Structures and space   
  • Re-igniting your turn on back into your work, vision, and impact  
  • Money all things money management, worth, expansion, clearing and receiving  
  • Branding overhaul you feel aligned to  
  • Expanding your impact by expanding your radiance  
  • Marketing strategies the light your soul on fire   
  • Social media content & plan to bring more ease into your life  
  • Breathing fresh new energy into old systems so you can have more fun with them   
  • Understanding the energy of marketing and selling   


  • 3 Months coaching   
  • 9 x (1) hour one-on-one coaching sessions (via Zoom) with Rosh  
  •  Ongoing email/ message support for any issues that come up between weekly coaching calls Monday -Friday 8-4pm