Winter Wellness tips!

Winter Wellness tips! images

As winter starts to settle in so can the excuses and laziness. Lets face it, it’s really easy to reach for the words not this morning it’s to cold outside, or its to wet. The temptations and excuses tend to get a little stronger and play out big time in the areas of food and nutrition. We tend to let the weather be an external excuse to eat more and do less. I know I used to especially when living in colder climates like Ireland. I have learnt over many years of doing winter the wrong way on now how to do winter well. The key is to stay motivated and not let our EGO get in the way. Really it is just ourselves that get in the way, but we can easily change the oh shit it’s to cold and wet  outside to train attitude, to YES I totally  know what this will do for me and more importantly how I will feel after moving my body. Remember it all about CHOICE.  Its is also  so important as well in the winter to nourish ourselves with healing warm foods, herbal teas and chats with our besties, families and friends. Don’t use winter as an opportunity to check out, but use the colder days and nights as offerings to check in a little deeper with yourself.

I know in winter we also tend to layer more on more clothes and this can aid as an excuse for some of us to hibernate away and be lazy. I am saying don’t take chill time and reconnect with yourself, but I am not saying don’t let the EGO take over and play into laziness.  One of the biggest keys to being healthy and happy and fit in my opinion is not just about juice cleanses in the spring and  healthy eating in the summer, the key is maintaing that balance and consistency all year round.  Remember the healthier you are the happier you are. So get outside every day if you can and soak up the crispness and beauty of winter.  Move your body in some form every day whether its a walk, swim, yoga run or gym class it  helps so much with your energy levels, your moods and also your digestion. Here are some of my fave tips for you all to help you stay healthy and well through this winter.

* Daily movement – Walk, swim, run, yoga, pilates, gym classes, make sure you do some form of movement every day. This totally helps with your sanity levels in the winter (trust me).

* Hydrate – Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day, and replace coffee with herbal tea especially that 3pm one.

* Dry Brush – Dry brushing your skin before you shower helps with blood flow and circulation, stimulating lymph drainage, stimulating hormones and firms the skin.

* Eat more greens – Try to include a leafy green vegetable to every meal. Leafy greens are a rich source of minerals and vitamins including iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins B,K, C and E. Dark leafy greens also contain small amounts of omega-3 fats.

* Warming foods – Winter does not need to be about heavy starchy foods i.e. pasta’s or white breads. Start nourishing your body with soups, stews and slow cooked meals.  Bye a slow food cooker and slow cook your meats (YUM), make curries, roasts, oh there are so many delicious healthy warming meals you can make. Get creative. Make Sunday a day in the kitchen setting you up for a week of goodness.

*  Face Masks and Exfoliating – Be sure to look after you skin in the winter, the harshness from the cold can really dehydrate the skin, so take time once a week to make a mask and hydrate your skin. I have just started using Mukti organic skin care so try them if you dot feel like making your own.

* Night oil – Use an oil at night to help hydrate and nourish your skin after exposure to some more harsh winter weather conditions.  Try an organic rose hip or almond oil. A new great find if you are searching for one is Jacqueline Evans argan and rosehip oil. Will be trying this one out myself over winter.

* Hot water bottle – Oh my trusty friend. If you have an electric blanket,  toss it,  all that electricity cant be good for you as we go to rest.  Go back to basics and get a cozy hot water bottle for those cold nights.

* Rest – Be sure to be getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night, your body slows down in the winter and loves the extra time to rest, so listen to it and take more sleep if that what our body needs. Maybe switch your morning exercise to-night so you can have that extra half hour.

* Connect – Don’t let the weather turn you into an anti social bitch. Take time to connect with your friends and nourish your-self with love, support and inspiration from those that love and uplift you.

If you have any more winter wellness tips please share below in the comments I would LOVE to hear how you look after yourselves in the winter.

From my heart to yours

Roshi xx

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