What Brings me back to my Mat?

What brings me back to my mat?

Over the last week I have been pondering back and forth this question of what should my first blog article be on. I came up with idea after idea after idea, but then finally came to a realization that it doesn’t really matter, as this is just the 1st and that there are definitely going to be more. I also come to the understanding that these blogs  should be relevant to what I or my close friends are experiencing and gong through in life at the present moment. I strongly  believe that when one of us is going through something, energetically we are all connected and are going through similar experiences at the same time.

During my yoga practice over the  last week both at home and with some of my inspiring teachers, i had a Aha moment.  I sat in a space and asked  myself, “What is it that brings me back to the mat? What brings me back to the practice of Yoga? why practice  ay after day, week after week and year after year? Why  keep showing up?

This to me is a huge question and one that I will continuously keep asking myself. It is one that will never have just one answer and it will  shift and change as we do in ourselves and in our yoga practice. So why do i keep showing up to my mat, to this practice of Yoga?

 This last month my life has been FULL  Its been a FULL month of house hunting,working full time, studying, and teaching yoga, just to name a few things. It has been confronting in many ways, and life has thrown me  some mega shitty situations. But whilst experiencing all of these lessons, I realized  that I have been given a chance, an opportunity  to see myself in the world, a chance to see who I am when the shit really  hits the fan. I had been offered a chance to look at myself within, and a chance to see who I choose to be, and how I choose to respond .  I  got served the juiciness of “yoga off the mat”. I could choose  here  in this moment to either  take this gift and soak it all up, every little experience of it, or i could choose to react and contract against it. I decided to soak it up, drink it in, i decided why not drink the nectar that life offers us.

The practice of yoga to me doesn’t mean I have to be  the most flexible person in the room, or be able to balance in handstand. To me it is being able to balance what life offers us. It is being able to take a breathe when being  confronted , soften against contraction,  send compassion and love when angry or pissed off, and its being able to take these challenging situations that life offers us and gather together the tools that we master on the mat, and begin to start mastering them off the mat.

 This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect at life and that you cant make mistakes because your a yogin ,it doesn’t mean that you sometimes wont trip up along the path, and that your untouchable, and now that you mediate life wont throw shit at you. But what it does mean is that  by continuously showing up to to the mat, that you will  learn how to greet  these challenges with more ease, more grace, more love, more compassion.  It means that when you slip up that you are able to see it as a lesson and not an obstacle, you are able to simply  observe it  and not judge. Remember its not called yoga perfection its called a yoga practice.  So keep showing up, being open and receive what is being offered to you. Greet every lesson as an offering and meet every situation from a deeper space within.

Give yourself the gift of yoga and it will give you a greater gift back.

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  1. WOW WOW!! if anyone reads this blog page you will realize that life throws challenges at you everyday, but whether good or bad it is the way you handle them and the inner peace inside your soul that results to the outcome of the circumstance. Remembering always to have patience love and peace in your heart, to REACH THE INNER SELF AWARENESS OF FULFILLMENT THAT YOU CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING. Gerd N MUMxxxooo We are so proud of you Roshinixxx

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