Trimester One Ponderings…

abb971101e9c5663d33baf89f46bb59aFirstly I realize and understand that everyone’s experience trying to conceive is not an easy process and I am not here to rub into anyone’s face that I am pregnant and about how easy and effortless it was/is. I am here purely just to share my journey and my experience with you all. These blog posts are as much about healing and processing for me as for offering some light, laughter and insights for all of you.

So I’ll guess I’ll start with finding out that your are pregnant. Seriously wtf. I think whether your planning, trying or not it’s still an OMG how, what, really kind of moment. I remember the night we were going to do the test. I had to wait until after I had finished teaching until both myself and Tim would be home to pee on the stick. When I actually went to pee I couldn’t actually manage it I was so friggin nervous, anxious and petrified, what If I am? what if I’m not?(how would I feel?). Finally after a few more attempts and much more water consumed I managed to get some pee out. Glaring at the stick intently I was thinking is it really changing colour? Is it really turning into the positive sign or is this in my head? But loud and BLUE the lines showed up positive. OMG really? Is it true? Let’s try another one quick?

Shock, overwhelm and excitement all kicks in it’s a beautiful surreal moment. I was just left with laughter. OMG I’m pregnant ha ha ha, omg I’m pregnant ha ha ha all night long, I couldn’t quite get my head around the reality of it. 

Oh and if you haven’t figured out yet the second stick was positive too.

The next day there’s this glow and energy within you and a big inner smile that you have just created a little soul and that you have just found out that you have created this miracle of life. I was seriously bursting with so much joy for days and I still am. I am so grateful that I have been gifted this beautiful little soul to grow, birth and soon parent.

So from joy came the kicking in of my logical mind and it’s “so ok I’m pregnant now WTF do I do?’ Do I go to a Doctor, do I book a scan, do I see an obstetrician, do I book a midwife, is it too soon to do all of these things? Here’s a quick list for you all of what I did and got told to do throughout trimester one and it seems to be running pretty smoothly thus far.

• Went to the doctors a day or 2 after I found out I was pregnant to do a blood test to confirm the pregnancy and dates.

•  Phoned the hospital where I was/am planning to birth our little soul and signed up for the public midwife programme.

•  The hospital then sends you out an antenatal pack with lots of information and forms to take back to your GP to get blood tests done.

•  At about week 7/8 you can book your first scan appointment.

• Week 12 – 13 You have your first scan (very exciting moment)

• Week 13 roughly you have your first midwife appointment.

I am sure depending on your health, pregnancy and birthing choices there may be different things to add into this process again I am just sharing my experience.

Sickness, food carving, tiredness, hiding it from people, Omg I think trimester 1 so far for me was very challenging on so many levels. 

You can’t shout out to the world IM PREGNANT and its like you are holding back the biggest secret. At the same time it’s a really sacred and a really special time for you and your partner to enjoy and wrap your heads around. I did, of course, share with some of my closest friends and my family but apart form that no one else knew. Every time somebody would ask me what I had been up too, I was like umm not too much just resting and lucky it was the start of autumn here so I just said I was going into hibernation mode for the winter ( ha ha). Lucky also I don’t have a hectic social life and don’t really drink anymore, otherwise I think that could have been a dead giveaway for some people.

Morning sickness. I was pretty lucky really that I didn’t get too much morning sickness. I had moments and evenings where I would feel put off by really heavy meals and just crave yogurt and fruit. Some nights nausea would have me craving a lemonade drink or ice blocks to help settle my tummy. But aside from that I have been really, really blessed to say no morning sickness.

Food cravings have been really odd for me. I thought I would seriously be so healthy and have no aversion or cravings to food, well think again. I’ve gone right off meat altogether, this happened around week 5-6 the smell of it made me feel ill and still does. I’m also weirdly off greens seriously that’s a bit weird for me. I’m ok drinking them in juices and if someone else makes them, but to buy or cook them forget it. So mainly I’m back to a vegetarian diet which is not so good for me as I find it a friggin hard diet to keep in balance. Hopefully, this meat and greens phase will pass soon. My cravings thus far aren’t too bad thank goodness. I am mainly craving and eating shit load of citrus. Mandarins, oranges, grapefruits and fresh orange juice overdose. 

Moody, I haven’t really felt to erratic luckily for Tim but some nights when it’s past 8.30, 9 pm, cray cray Rosh comes out and is well and truly ready for bed.

Extreme tiredness.  Trimester one you’re forming the baby, week by week, day by day new amazing things are happening inside of you and the hormones and you are just figuring it all out. So seriously the tiredness is like nothing before. Middle of the day naps, in bed super early and energy levels a little low.  Lucky for me I have a job where I could rest between classes to restore my energy levels. 

Exercise wise thus far I have kept everything exactly the same. I am still doing my 2 weekly cardio strength sessions at Agoga and still doing my yoga as normal just modifying as I need to and listening to my body every time I train or practice to tune into how I am feeling.  I am movement lover, it makes me feel so happy from the inside out and I really want to maintain my movement the whole way through my pregnancy. We are seriously not disabled, and I am a firm believer in go with what feels right for you food, movement, energy wise on any given day, same as before but its just more heightened now with a little soul in the makings.

I am so excited about this pregnancy and mamma to be experience/journey and really excited that I get to share it with you all here.

I love hearing from you so please share your insights, comments and questions  below..


Love and wellness Roshi xx

3 thoughts on “Trimester One Ponderings…”

  1. Being pregnant is such an exciting time! It IS funny that it’s one of the biggest things that happens to you and at first you have to keep it secret from most of the world!

  2. Elizabeth Santos - Whole Living

    Congratulations! I am now 38 weeks pregnant and can totally relate to your article in so many ways! I remember being off greens and also feeling so grateful to have consciously conceived so quickly. It happened so fast as soon as we decided we were ready (and did a little spell to welcome baby in!) Enjoy enjoy! x

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