Trimester 2 ponderings


Wow, I can’t believe as I write this I am officially into trimester 3 with just over 10 weeks until baby Harman arrives in our arms earth side. OMG, has this pregnancy has flown by. It feels likes yesterday it was with so much excitement and joy that I got to share our news with you all.

So as I have gone through these last 12-13 weeks so much has shifted and changed for my body and me. The offerings and lessons you learn during pregnancy are HUGE as there is so much constant change. I really feel they give you these 9 months to process what you need to and prepare you for the joyful life change coming your way.  In no relevant order at all below I share with you some of my insights and ponderings of trimester 2. Again as always I am sharing openly my experience and not offering any expertise advice. I just LOVE writing and sharing this magical time with you all. 

Food aversions

Thank goodness at around week 18, I could finally say goodbye to weird food cravings and food aversions. Both greens and meat made a welcome came back into my diet and a more general healthy Rosh approach to my diet came back. To say I was over the moon with this is and was an understatement. OMG greens yes, meat yes, I was HIGH for days on this new unfolding in pregnancy.


I have to say (all though you can, of course, ask Tim ha ha), that my mood has been very good. I had a couple of days early on in this trimester where I just balled me eyes out but generally I have been feeling pretty good, happy and excited about everything happening to me during this crazy, wild expansive time. I love coming back and reminding myself of something my naturopath told me “that my thoughts, foods, and emotions are all creating our babies DNA”. Whoa, how trippy is that? 


Wow, early trimester 2 up until week 22 I was pretty lucky to still fit into everything quite well – but now ok it’s a whole different ball game. I have just been filtering through my wardrobe and finding things that work and fit. So far I haven’t bought any maternity clothes and I’m hoping that some of my summer stuff can come out soon as it gets warmer and carry me through these last 10 weeks. All my Lululemon stuff for teaching and practicing in has been a huge lifesaver, as have my bonds trackies and cheap K-mart singlets.

Wellness and movement

I have been still getting Acupuncture weekly to help with my circulation and help keep some of my varicose veins at bay.

Stretch marks, I haven’t encountered any yet. I’ve been using almond oil, a cacao butter mix from my health food shop (about life) and moo udder cream. I’ve been applying them every day, mixing up what I feel like rubbing on my belly, boobs, lower back, and thighs.

I am still training twice a week at Agoga my local fave gym. I modify and adjust as I need to but seriously still love moving daily.  When I need to I pull back and really just tap in and listen more so that ever before to how my body is feeling, how my energy levels are and whether it feels right and safe. The trainers I know very well and they all look after me amazingly as do the beautiful community of clients in that gym.  I have to say the extra weight does make it a little more challenging, but for I’m definitely not using it as an excuse to stop just more of a reason to check in and be more mindful. 

Yoga I am still practicing vinyasa and modifying and resting, as I need too. I have also started going to one prenatal class a week as well which I absolutely love and HIGHLY recommend.

My rest days I go for nature walks and chat to my by bubba and think about how I will be walking it in a pram and carrier earth side with me soon.  So exciting.

Baby Kicks

Due to my placenta sitting in the front I didn’t feel the baby kick until about 4 weeks ago. OMG, it was so exciting actually feeling the bubba kick and move. I still LOVE every time I feel a movement and am in awe of what this body is doing making another HUMAN. Holy shit ladies how amazing that we get to experience this. 

Books and Blogs 

We’re reading a lot of books on sleeping and routines. I know not everyone is into them but as I will have to go back to work after 3-4 months, it is vital for us to have some kind of system and routine and seriously when It comes to parenting each to their own.   

Some of the books we have and are slowly making our way through

Buddhism for mothers – Sarah Naphali 

Save our sleep – Tizzie Hall

Baby on board – Howard Chilton 

Blogs. I try not to read to many to be honest and I also just try to read the beautiful real honest and positive approaches to motherhood out there. There are a lot of negative nellies out there sharing all the negative stuff, which I am aware can happen, but I am focusing on all the joy and love that is coming into our lives and choosing to look for and see the good in this journey into motherhood.  


Hmmm, advice. It has eased off right now thank goodness, maybe it’s because I have put up more boundaries around it. I find it really intriguing  that as soon as you tell people your pregnant you somehow become a target for mothers mostly to give you all of their advice. I am not opposed to receiving it but really had no idea of what a can of warms it opens up. Ha ha. Mothers do like to rant and share. 


OK, the constant commentary on my belly and weight has been maybe one of the most challenging parts of my pregnancy. The constant updates and talk on my belly and weight have actually been a bit of a head fuck for me. I am a lot better about it now and way more open and accepting but seriously it has been a HUGE experience for me during pregnancy and a big one for me to sit with and go inwards and reflect on why and do some huge acceptance around it all. 

Birthing courses and options

There are lots of amazing birthing courses and workshops you can do, but due to me having to have a caesarean a lot of them are not really relevant. We have decided to sit down and devise our own birthing and mindfulness plan around the c-section. We will draw on both of our own knowledge and beliefs and make it the most amazing experience of our lives. PS deciding on a c-section is due to a lot of health complications that I could encounter trying to have a v-back so have deiced to play it safe for both me and baby with a c-section.


No-one really touches or shares with you, that during your pregnancy and into motherhood you can and will lose some friends. This has been really hard for me to accept and get my head around, but I am so grateful that I get to go through it now rather than rely on those friendships post birth. I know that I am also creating space for some beautiful new soul filled mamma bear friends to come into my life.  

I feel there is so much more to share with you all but really wanted to touch on some of the main ponderings for me from trimester 2. Again I am not giving advice here just sharing my experience and ponderings with you all through this beautiful journey into motherhood.

Roshi xx 


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  1. Sending you lots of love!! You are doing a wonderful and amazing job my dear, and when your little one arrives, the two of you will figure things out together. That is a huge thing that no one tells you in amongst all the unsolicited (and most times useless) advice, that you and your baby will sort it out together!
    Lots of love

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