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As many of you know I attended a whole day workshop this past Saturday with the beautiful and authentic Gabby Bernstein. I kid you not I had one of the most awakening and beautiful days ever. This women’s intention was to crack us open and boy oh by did she with her words, meditations, kundalini chants and her absolutely radiant presence.

Today I can’t do justice with words to the feeling I got and I am still relishing in since Saturday, but I am going to share with you all anyway some of the light, inspiration and golden nuggets I received.

In your presence is your power.

One of the biggest things I got was her words and learnings around “In your presence is your power”. What I understood and felt from this as that when we are in our truth, when we are in our centre, when we are in a space of love and giving and being we have power. The magic happens when there is no agenda. The love flows and moves from presence, from connecting to our heart, not our ego. Authenticity thrives from this space, inspiration comes in because we are open to receive and not blocking. As Gabby said presence will heal, presence will leave an imprint, presence will elevate. And boy oh boy am I ready to elevate, heal and leave and imprint.

Measure success by how much fun your having.

Hell yes! I took a lot from this. We live a world where there is a lot of portrayal to be some kind of perfect. We see a lot of this these days through social media and this idea of how good someone else makes there life to be.  What we forget is that people are only showing you one part of there life behind a filter and that no-ones life is perfect. We are all here to do the work, dive more deeply into our selves and learn to love ourselves more whole-heartedly. And the biggest thing we all forget every single day is to have FUN along the way.

Prayer before bed

Gabbi offered this simple sweet reminder for us all to give thanks every night to our god, universe, shiva, buddha or what ever you pray to. Reminding us all to say something along the lines of “dear universe thank you for another awesome day today, I am so grateful for all of the lessons I was offered and I’m totally amped to do it all again tomorrow.  So thank you.

Kundalini Meditations.

Gabby lead us through some powerful, mind blowing, transformative meditations throughout the day. One of them was about offering out healing and also allowing yourself to receive it back . The energy in the room during this particular (actually all of the meditations) can’t be put into words, the tears, love, and vibration that was shared was expansive. WOW Kundalini mediation/yoga if you haven’t experienced it yet make sure you do, its an absolute must for any spirit seeker (aka spirit junkie) out there.

Be in a daily conversation with spirit.

This was/is another one of my absolute favourite takeaways from the day. It was a reminder that we are always constantly dancing between being in ego and being in a space of love. We are constantly finding the dance between working and being.  We all get caught up scrolling, comparing, and judging and the spiritual dance and absolute nugget I got reminded of “is its not about how often you go out, but about how quickly you come back”.  How quickly you can come back into presence, truth and being in that space of love and fullness. Another sweet reminder I become aware of too, is that no matter how spiritual or evolved you are you will get constantly get pulled out so that you can remind yourself how dam good it feels to come back in.

Here a few other little nuggets from here I scribbled down throughout the day. 

“ We block the energy of light by getting stuck in our story”

“Share from an authentic space”

‘The world needs you, your presence and your teachings”

“You’re limitless mind keeps you in limitless experiences. Pray for creative possibility. “

 Here’s to us all stepping more into the light and shining bright. 

I adore hearing from you so don’t be shy and share your thoughts and questions below.

Roshi x x

*Picture kindly borrowed from Pete Longworth


  1. Thankyou for sharing your highlights from the day Roshi. I wasn’t able to make it as I was preoccupied with my little one, but I have LOVED reading everyone’s key takeaways! My favourite would have to be “Your limitless mind keeps you in limitless experiences. Pray for creative possibility. “ Definitely something to shine a light on in the space we play! Penny xx

    1. So happy that you got something from my post Penny.. She was seriously soooo good.. I am sure though being a mother you are constantly being offered plenty of moments to stay open for creative possibility and lean more into the light.. keep shining sweetie.. xx

  2. LOVE this post, Roshini! So jelly that you were able to see the gorgeous Gabby B in the flesh – I’ve always wanted to see her…so I’m living vicariously through you and your post right now. Thank you so much for sharing, lovely! xx

    1. Im so happy that you got something from my post.. You must see her next time she is near you, seriously an amazing day.. In the mean time keep reading her books and listening to her VLOGS and nuggets of wisdom she offers from those sources. xx

  3. I think you nailed it here Rosh. You got all the key nuggets of wisdom. I didn’t really write much down so I loved reading this post and reminding myself of the day.

    “is its not about how often you go out, but about how quickly you come back” was one of my favourites tooi! Powerful stuff. Was such a good day.

    N x x

  4. Wow what beautiful takeaways from what I think must of been an incredible event. “In your presence is your power” has been hitting me hard lately – in the best of ways. Thank you for sharing these awesome lessons xo

  5. Oh this was so gorgeous Roshi! What amazing little nuggets you took away, thank you so much for sharing them, my favourite “Measure success by how much fun you are having”….I hope you don’t mind I shared your piece on my link love this week xx

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