Self-love vs Sexy Selfie

Self-love vs Sexy Selfie     1382152_625845397453877_575559946_n

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in my Instagram feed of late. Yogis pouting when posing, doing flow in fluro undies and exposing way too much cleavage during cobra. Call me prudish, but is any one else noticing the increasing sexual ‘yoga’ imagery across our social media?


I love taking Selfies. Especially of my delicious morning smoothies and a backbend in the afternoon. I use these pictures of my everyday life to share my passion of yoga, health and happiness and to inspire others to get on the mat themselves.


I have been asking some friends and fellow yogi’s lately how does this imagery of yoga sit to a new student or someone who is keen to try it for the first time? Sure for most males out there I’d say there like heck yes I’m in. But to other ladies and not so sexually orientated men this is intimating, invasive and not what the message of yoga is about. Does this imagery inspire you, or make you feel more crap about yourself?


Yoga is a gift you give yourself. It fuels you to be a better person, to open your heart and most importantly to embrace your own uniquely beautiful body. Yoga offers us so many incredible tools to be with ourselves, with our breath and be present with the world as it is.


Looking at some of these new skin-tight and sultry shots, I fear there are some yogis who have fallen into a trap of feeding their ego through imagery, rather than sharing the beauty of self love that is gained from yoga.


Whole hearted acceptance of yourself and truly loving who you are, both inside and out, comes from your practice and meditation, not from the amount of likes on your Instragram page. Remember that as you snap that next selfie!


Roshi xx

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