Self love Tips!



Allow yourself some time this weekend  just for YOU. Not for your partner, child,  mother, father or friends, but just for YOU!!

I have realized over the last few days, after allowing myself to enjoy some moments just for me, just how GOOD it feels to connect back myself. We are so busy rushing around trying to fit everything and everyone in, that by the time you get back to work after your weekend you don’t feel rested or fully satisfied because you didn’t take time to give yourself some love. So I what I offer you below are some simple ways that you can can nourish, restore heal and love yourself this weekend. Do one thing this weekend that will fill your heart, soften your thoughts, nourish your body and bring you back to a place of balance. You deserve it, so soak it up, drink it in and give the love back to yourself.

Sleep in – Rest allow yourself an extra hour or two, you totally deserve it.

Take  a walk –  Get out in nature, and breathe in fresh air to your lungs. You can take a walk in a park or by the ocean. Allow yourself to connect back to nature. Enjoy the peace and tranquility. (small tip leave your phone at home, it will be there when you get back)

Take a bath-  fill up the bath with some nice epsom sea salts, light a candle, lay back and soak up every minute of love for yourself.

Go for a Massage – If you can afford it, make time and go get a Massage , it doesn’t have to be super pricey you can opt for one of my favorites, a  Thai Massage  at Tiya in Coogee.

Afternoon tea –Take time to sit down with a pot of herbal tea (my favorites are Ovio Organics or Pukha Tea’s), a few piece’s of organic dark chocolate, your favorite book and  chill for half an hour. Literally put your feet up and savor in this time.

Yin or Meditation: Take a nice Yin or Meditation class. Give  the Boot Camp’s and Power Yoga classes a miss this weekend. Instead nourish yourself in meditation and a nice healing yin class, your body and mind will most certainly thank you.

Please give yourself at least one self love moment this weekend, you will not be sorry.

Enjoy your weekend of nourishing, inspiring and living life to the fullest.

5 thoughts on “Self love Tips!”

  1. Thank YOU for the reminder. I keep thinking a massage is a treat & talking myself out of it (the whole deserving story) but it’s not – it’s self-love in motion…

  2. thank you for these thoughts Roshini. We all deserve some down time and be selfless to ourselves. i am going to the ocean now to feel the freedom and let any burdens or feelings that are not healthy blow out to sea. love youxx

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