no regrets baby…


Life is short we only get one shot at it so why not go all out?






These kind of statements are so easy to read and think oh yeah that’s so true, these kinds of words get thrown around a lot especially after maybe a death of someone you know of or someone very close to you. But more often than not these words get thrown around and then no action at all gets taken. We go on with our day to day lives and get back into the daily grind, then maybe see the quote again, get reinspired and then reminded  again how short life is through a horrific world tragedy or death of someone near, and we again think oh shit yeah life is short let’s do this, why am I still not doing what I really want to be with my life, business, career, relationships. Then again we go back to the grind saying things like, oh tomorrow I will start that, or when this happens I will action that, oh but what if so in so is doing that already, or what will blah blah think of me, or who am I really to do this? All of these thoughts are just your ego limiting you and blocking you from fully living and creating a life you dream of. I know because I have lived and done this for well all of living life thus far.

But this year since having Louis and becoming a Mummy my purpose and why and vision have changed and shifted and those limiting thoughts I have let rule me my whole life because it was really just me to think of have come back to visit me again. But this time, I’m not letting them rule the party and my/our lives. Because life should be lived 110 percent and I want to do this firstly for myself and secondly because I want to show and inspire Louis than anything is bloody possible. Live like today is your last day, your last chance you last possibility. Because seriously you’ll only be offered so many second chances until there are no more chances, because we don’t know when life will or might change.

So my vow to myself ,to you guys, to my fiancé Tim and to my son Louis is I don’t want to live life wishing for tomorrow and sitting waiting for something better to come along in 10 years time because you never know when life can change. So I want to change and start living now, I want to embrace and savour every single moment of it. I don’t want to waste any more moments, any more time, I don’t wanna hold on to stories, the past and friendships that don’t serve and nourish me. I want live, I want to create, I want to dream big and Live fully, open heartedly with no regrets.

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