“Look for the sweetness”

                                         “Look for the Sweetness”                                                                                                                                                 8ca08a179c7e5e8e5204be295a25cdbf

We tend to have leaned into as a society a negative nelly kinda way of thinking. We tend to think that being super busy and super stressed is normal ok and that walking around being stuck contracted and tight is some what the normal.  WTF!  Are we serious? Is this really a healthy way to be? If so how can we shift our perspectives and start to bring some more softness, sweetness and an outlook of looking for the good into our existence.

Remember love, joy and happiness are possible and infectious. It all comes down to choice baby and the choice is yours.

Below I share with you some tips and ways to bring in more sweetness, more softness and a much brighter open hearted way at looking at our amazing lives.

Pause: When your feeling stressed, angry and pissed off with the world. Stop! Close your eyes, pause, connect back in with yourself and to the truth of this very moment. Ask yourself right now in this moment what is actually true for you?

Drop the blame:  The blame game. Such an easy one to get caught up in. Everything is shitty in my life because of him, her, work, the shop assistant and  so the list spirals on. Rewind!  That blame game you are playing is doing nothing but placing and putting the power outside of yourself. Its disconnecting you further from your truth and taking you further away from the present moment. Remember no-one else is responsible for how you feel, only you are and that is the truth. Its seriously time to so say see you later to the boring old blame game.

Breathe:  How many times have we heard that good old line “don’t forget to breathe”. This one is so easy, free, simple and fully effective but in times of being stuck, shitty and pissed of one of the first things we forget to do. So again close your eyes, place your hands over your heart and breathe deep breathes into that space.

Ground: Take time each day to stand on the earth (shoes off preferably) and connect to the earth. Take time to be thankful for all that she offers you, all that you have in your life and reflect on the good shit not the negative.

Where your attention goes your energy flows. 

Connect:  Surround yourself with inspiring souls. This is so bloody important. Surround yourself with souls who support, inspire and uplift you. Be sure to walk away from fun hang time with your friends feeling high on life, inspired and loved up.

Feel good: Do stuff that makes you feel good. If going to the gym is a chore try a walk instead. If surfing is to scary try a boogie board or swim instead. If yoga bores you try Pilates. Don’t suffer through doing things in your life that bore you, make you tired and drained  and leave you feeling defeated and depleted.  The key to life is to do shit that makes you feel good. So d0 it. 

Choice: Ultimately you can do all of these things above but it really does come down to choice. You have a choice in any given moment. You can choose to look at the world through dark lenses or you can take those lenses off and start to see the light sparkle through in all of those sweet moments life offers you.

 Remember the thoughts you choose are your choice. Choose to play sweet, positive and loving ones.

I would love for you to share with me in the comments below ways in which you love to bring in more sweetness into your life. Ways that you fill up your love cup and ways that you choose to look for the good or have experienced choosing the good over the negative nelly in your precious life.


Love Roshi xx

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  1. hey roshi, thank you – great article, yes when did being super stressed and super-stretched to your limits become the new normal… xxxx breathe

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