Where in your life are you staying the same out of fear? Fear of what others might say, fear of judgments, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, or not making it?

If you don’t take that leap how will you ever know?

Last year I took a leap of faith in MLM business and you know what I failed at it. I failed at it finically. But I grew from it emotionally big time. This kind of leap of faith I took showed me so much about myself than I can ever put into words. The inner growth was huge and it showed me how to trust and let go and it reminded myself that I can do anything I put my mind too. Life is too short to not take those leaps and trust that this beautiful universal net will be there to support us, whether we fail or succeed.

You can always get back up.

So just like Hanuman the monkey god who took a leap into the unknown I have again taken another leap. About 6 months ago I bought my first DSLR camera and am now building up my photography career, shooting amazing yogi’s, bloggers, health coaches, pregnant mamas and more.

If I had listened to FEAR I would not be doing this, but finally after years of wanting to get this up and going I took that bloody LEAP and could not be more grateful for what is unfolding.

I am super grateful for my supportive fiance Tim for trusting me again in another passion and business opportunity, grateful for all my friends and family and to all of my beautiful clients, you guys rock.

So, guys, it’s never too late to trust and take that leap. You might fail, you might soar, you just don’t know until you listen to the whispering of our your heart and trust that whatever way it goes it is unfolding just as it is meant too..

Roshi x

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