It’s not always easy dating yourself.



The act of falling in love with one’s self or what I like to refer to as Self Dating is not always easy. SELF-LOVE is the hottest word in the world right now and for all the right reasons. SELF LOVE – is the most important step to knowing yourself, to building a deeper relationship to you and your heart and to living from intuition and truth. SELF-LOVE is the ultimate gift and experience you can give yourself and I cannot stress the importance of it. 

I LOVE this quote and would recommend putting this up on your vision board when you start dating yourself.

Remember exactly where you are right now in this very moment of your life is exactly where your meant to be.. EVEN if is a SHITY, dark, hard time for you right now. EVERY thing is perfect and will unfold exactly how it is meant to. TRUST the universe is supporting and guiding you to greater good. 

SO back to this hot topic SELF-LOVE… 

I have been on this journey for years now and know from experiences that you don’t unfortunately just start loving yourself in one day and have a quick fix. Getting to know your deeper self takes daily remembrance practice and a willingness to really want to get to know and love you, its a HUNGER like no other that keeps you loving yourself daily.  Again its like dating yourself. At first you get to see all the fun exciting stuff that you LOVE about you (referred to as the honeymoon phase). And then you get to see the parts of yourself that you don’t like to see. Parts out ourselves like anger, jealousy, comparison, competitiveness  and more start to surface the deeper we dive in. What happens when they come up is that we let our EGO (mean girl) attach to them and take over with our head.  Its ok we all do this, let her run wild, but over time we learn how to soften her constant chatting and noise and we learn to simply BE from our hearts. 

I would love to share with you some stuff that came up recently for me around my MEAN GIRL and some parts of me that I really battled with forgiving and accepting. Again just like falling in love with someone, there are parts of ourselves that we just don’t like, but fully have to surrender to, as they are a part of us, and we can’t keep on pushing them down, trotting on them and not dealing with it, because trust me the UNIVERSE will keep playing the same song and story until you deal with it.

So I recently went through a huge battle with myself around some JEALOUSY and COMPARISON. YES really even Health Coaches and Yoga Teachers like myself still have our SHIT surface. This was a pretty intense time for me and I really felt like sharing with you all. So whilst all of this was coming up I was so aware what was going on, I was fully present to the war happening between my heart and my head, but fully let the ego (mean girl take over). I would  tap into moments of becoming fully present to the now  and accepting what was happening and then slipping right back into my EGO (mean girl) and letting her run wild in my head and I mean wild ( she was running a muck). She really took over and played out a nice little story in my head, taking up so much space that some days I was fully consumed by her and her silliness. I was in this space for a couple of weeks, sitting with being present in my heart and consumed by my ego (mean girl), and allowing my head to win and run loose. Then enough was enough, I finally realised how silly I was being and came to a moment of remembering that there are light and dark sides to all of us. No one is born perfect, we all have some journey and some kinda story to share. Once I surrendered to this, I knew what I had to do. It was SO easy, but soooo hard. All I had to do was FORGIVE and swallow the jealousy and comparison that I didn’t like observing about myself. I had to truly FORGIVE myself for what ever thoughts or actions that were coming up and consuming me…I had to LET GO of the bullshit story I was holding on to, and ACCEPT and SURRENDER. I had to surrender my WHOLE SELF, not just the parts of me that I LOVE,  but also the parts of me that I didn’t love so much. I had LEARN to love them both equally.. Once I did these steps, I was then back to living from my heart, trusting my intuition and truly being in the FLOW. 

AGAIN its simple… FORGIVE, SWALOW, LET GO, ACCEPT and SURRENDER LOVE all parts of yourself FULLY…

YOU totally deserve to LOVE you… So start dating yourself today.. 

Feel free to share any of your stories  and experiences below about your self love journeys.  Wishing you a gorgeous day.

From my heart to yours

Roshi x 

5 thoughts on “It’s not always easy dating yourself.”

  1. Wow! I feel honoured that you shared such this deep revelations. So honest and raw. I love how your talk about your awareness to the jealous process you were experiencing, and how you pretty much gave permission to yourself to through this. Self love is so important , but really it’s not that simple.I see lots of messages of self-love being promoted, but something is always missing from the message for me. Truth is what’s missing . Because usually there has been some pain to get to love. TYour journey of suffering is an example of the process of bringing us closer to ourselves and closer to self-love. This presentation of truth resonates strongly for me. Bren x

  2. michelle fuder

    Very brave comments on self love. To have to feel comfortable with yourself before you can be with others. Love is the most powerful word of all and without LOVE your whole body and soul is empty. You have to be fulfilled with a conscious mind set that LOVE is the most important word in human society. Dont get stuck on that Love is only used when you are in love NO NO LOVE everybody regardless of what happened in the past today because tomorrow is a new day and we can LOVE again, and guess what we dont have to pay to say it it is free to express. HOW EXCITING ROSHINI YOU ARE AN AWESOME INSPIRING WELLNESS HEALTH COACH.XXXXXX

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