Health benefits of Yoga

There are a lot of us out there (once upon a time including myself), that knew yoga was good for me, and that no matter what kind of week or day I had had, that I would always end up leaving class feeling, lighter, calmer, more spacious and much happier than when I had walked in. What I didn’t realise for some time, was the effect it was having on my health on a deeper level. So today I have listed some of the more holistic health benefits you get from yoga. Yes yoga is more than just being able to stand on your head for 20 minutes, or dropping back into full wheel. Let go off those beliefs of yoga and come jump on your mat to absorb some deeper healing benefits that yoga can offer you. Image

STRESS: Practicing yoga decreases the stress hormones cortisone and adrenaline.

CIRCULATION: Through the practice of yoga poses along with breathing exercises, Yoga improves blood circulation. By improving circulation, nutrients and oxygen are better transported throughout your body resulting in healthier organs, skin and brain.

DEPRESSION: Consistent yoga practice can help battle depression as it leads to a significant increase in the neurotransmitter serotonin “the happy hormones” which regulates sleep, appetite and mood.

BACK PAIN: Yoga brings elasticity to the spine and strengthens the muscles in the back, preventing back pain.

MENOPAUSE: Studies have shown that women who took yoga classes which use props to support the posters, reported a 30 percent decrease in hot flashes, one of the side effects of menopause. Women who took yoga classes for longer reported less physical and sexual discomfort as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

RESPIRATION: Like the circulatory system, a lower respiratory rate indicates that the lungs are working more efficiently. Yoga helps decrease the respiratory rate through a combination of controlled breathing exercise and better fitness. in turns helps reduce respiratory related health problems like, asthma, bronchitis and clear the nasal passage and sinuses.

ANTI AGEING: Often called “the fountain of youth” inversion like headstands, handstands and shoulder stands are said to be anti ageing, reversing the force of gravity and time. they also improve strength and balance and are restorative and energising postures.

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