Happy new year lovers. What a start to 2013 for me.. SO much goodness will be coming to you this year, so stay close.. As I came into this year with clearer higher visions for myself I wanted to offer you something close to my heart and something I am manifesting for 2013.

Are you TIRED of being single? Tired of being the only single at the dinner table for Christmas, tired of being home on Friday nights when you friends are all out for dinner or at the movies with there partners, tired of people saying don’t worry the right one is coming. Well so am I, I am sick of having conversations with friends and the discussion comes up, so any news.. Boys??? And I reply NO nothing there still a drought.  I then tend to go into the stories (and they are all just silly nonsense stories we tell ourselves) of wow Sydney really is bloody tough to meet guys, where do you meet them? I don’t go out partying anymore, I choose not to do internet dating and I generally get stuck in a big fat feel sorry for myself head space, you too?  WELL not this year. 2013 is all about creating and manifesting what is possible and truly stepping into this.  So here are the ways that we will be shifting and opening up to possibility for manifesting your soul mate and getting over the self sorrow SINGLE story.

Firstly STOP being so negative and holding on to the bull shit story of I can’t find anyone, its hard to meet people, I am to busy, and all the other excuses and negative beliefs us single girls have and come up with. CHANGE IT-SHIFT IT, move that energy into something positive. The more we keep saying were single, well never meet anyone the more this will manifest to form and hence the status on our Facebook is still single.  So this is the year that you get rid of any bull shit story and self limitation that holds you back and you start to believe in yourself and bring in the positive. Start saying and believing in affirmations like,  “wow Sydney is full of beautiful single men who are looking for deep committed relationships” “I can meet them anywhere from my yoga class to my gym to Personal training groups, book clubs, organic fruit and vegetable shops and markets, there is an abundance of amazing single beautiful men in sydney. Walk around and feel like you are in lOVE, have a bounce in your step a beautiful smile on your face and truly embrace the felling of being in LOVE. Once you truly start to feel and believe it,  then anything can happen, so open up to POSSIBILITY and CHANGE, I surely am.  

Secondly take ACTION. So now there is an abundance of men around you we tend to start to panic and freak out. Take a breathe and  enjoy the delicious scenery you have manifested. Once you have enjoyed the scenery for long enough you then need to take action, strike up conversation with them,  invite to an event your going to, ask them to go for a tea coffee or a coconut juice, invite them to a yoga class or out for a sneaky glass of wine. What ever it is that gets you excited ask them to join in. This year is the year I will be taking action as trust me I am the girl who falls in love and forms crushes constantly. I live in a bit of a dream land when it comes to guys and never ever have the  BALLS to actually do anything about it. But this is no longer going to be the case.  This YEAR this MONTH this WEEK,  I will take action. I will stop dreaming and procrastinating and I will bloody ask someone out.  I will let get go of fear of what others think, or what the outcome will be before even actioning  it and I all take life in the moment and ask that CRUSH out.  I am saying yes to LIVING in the now from my truth and not letting fear take over. You should too. 

Thirdly EMBRACE being single. The conversations I have with friends who have partners and or kids are so envious of the lives that us SINGLE girls get to live. We are also envious of theres, but were all on our own individual journey and comparison and envy are nothing but a big fat toxic waste of time, and not good for anyones soul or self esteem.  So embrace this beautiful time you have for yourself to do what you like when you like. You don’t have to check in with anyone but yourself, you don’t have to worry about having social commitments on the weekends, or asking someones guidance or permission on weekends away or holidays. You are so lucky you can just book shit and DO it.  So stop complaining and worrying about being single as you will never get this time back. It is a beautiful time to surrender to what is, soak it up and ENJOY the bliss full life and journey you are being offered. 

Blessings Roshi x x

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