Are you sick of not ticking off your to do’s list? Are you sick of not sticking to your word? Tired of not accomplishing goals that you make for yourself tasks you set out to do for others? Do you waste time surfing the internet?  I am not going to lie to you, I too fall into this trap consistently and I am bloody over it.  Are you ready to find out why we procrastinate and some tips on how to kick it in the butt? 

According to Wikipedia Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting of tasks to a later time.. 

The result of this is nothing gets done, your lists get bigger, your stress levels higher, insomnia steeps in, your adrenals get fatigued and your piles to do are getting much larger. One of the main reasons that most of us do procrastinate is FEAR. Yep FEAR. Fear of what? The fear of failing, fear of not being good enough and sillily enough the fear of success. Yep even the fear of success, how wild and crazy is that. I bet a lot of us are sitting here nodding our heads and can relate to one if not all of these reasons why we don’t get our shit done, if so then read on for some tips on how to start kicking procrastination in the butt.

1) Get clear on your goals.  We have so much to fit in these days it seems and we are often very unrealistic with what we think we can achieve. So set out weekly goals for yourself and get clear on your top 3. You can break them down into categories such as professional, social and wellness. Make sure to ask yourself which ones are going to have the most benefit for you and your goals for the year?  Are these helping you to grow professionally? Spiritually? Physically? There is not point putting all of our energy into goals that aren’t leading us anywhere, so be sure to be clear with the outcome from them.

2) CREATE SPACE on a Saturday or Sunday to write them down or even put them in your phone so that you are reminded daily what your gaols are that you’d like to achieve this week. Writing them down helps to clarify them and make them realistic. You can always have goals and intentions up in your head building a larger web. Instead  create space in your mind by putting them down on paper it is really so much better for you and your productivity. 

3) Break down your goals into small baby steps. Start with the end in mind and work your way back. If its a new recipe say you want to try for example,  you firstly need to print the recipe, then make the shopping list, then go purchase the ingredients and lastly you will cook it. By taking small steps towards the bigger goal you are not overwhelming yourself and hence the main goal does not appear as daunting. 

4) Plan your time – Take out your diary and work out your schedule for the week. Be sure not to over fill it, or do the opposite and  leave it completely blank. Be smart with your time. Delicate time to what needs to be done and make it achievable. If you put down to study for 3 hours with no time for a 10-15 minute break your are making it extremely unrealistic.  Pencil in right down to the minute or quarter hour to insure you are balancing your time well. 

5) Action the tasks you don’t like as much first. Say you don’t like to clean the house, then be sure to put this down as one of the first tasks off the day.  If you start the day by completing the tasks you don’t like as much as others your day will become so much easier because the worst is already over. Now you have the time and energy to put into all the things you really love doing.. 

6) Don’t be down on yourself if you end up having a day where shit doesn’t get done. We love to hold on to the negative rather than the positive. So just remember you always have another day, another opportunity to create and action what you need to do tomorrow. The more down on ourselves we get by not doing stuff, the harder it is to actually motivate ourselves to do more. Rest well and start the next day with a positive affirmation like today “I release all fear and self doubt, ” I accept myself and create peace with my mind and heart”

7) Get clear on what holds you back you from achieving your goals. Start to identify when fear kicks in. This one is a big factor for most of us.  What thoughts come up that stop you from being amazing and productive? Start to become aware of them, catch them in the moment, write them down to get them out of that foggy head. Remember there not you, there just some bullshit story you tell yourself to keep on procrastinating. Before you sit down to your goals, get clear on what it is that stops you from doing them. What blockages do you have? Does Facebook and your emails get in the way? If so switch them off they’ll still be there when you finish.  Also tap into why you go to those instead of focusing on the task at hand, and know that is just fear getting in your way. Once you realise what is holding you back, start to visualize yourself finishing the task. What does it feel like to push past fear? What does it feel like when you have accomplished that task? Embrace that feeling and start to put yourself into action. 

8) Treat yourself when you have accomplished something huge. Treat yourself to a yummy herbal tea and bliss ball, or a manicure, a yoga class or enjoy taking time to connect with a friend.  Be sure to give yourself gratitude for what you have accomplished, Remember how truly amazing you are…

I look forward to hearing how you get on in the next few weeks. 

Blessings from my heart to yours,

Roshi x x 


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