WOW, I  had no idea how addicted I was to checking my phone and social media consistently thorough the day until I  recently read a post from an inspiring mentor and blogger Jamie Gonzalez. Jamie shared a post about how social media had hijacked his life and boy oh boy was it powerful raw honest and huge wake up call to me. I will post the link underneath if any of you want to check it out.

You see as a business owner who uses social media to stay connected with the world and up to date on what is going on all things health, wellness, fashion, travel, sports and more I seem to be on social media a lot. Whether its Facebook, Instagram, Emails or Blogs I am tapped in and connected to it. What I wasn’t fully aware of until reading Jamie’s blog was how I was using it time wise. So after reading his post and letting it settle in and resonate I decided to have a social media free Sunday. I saw some where earlier in the year a friend of mine had posted that she was doing this and it really inspired me but actually scared the shit out of me at the same time. Seriously a whole day without checking my phone for updates on what is happening in other people’s lives and in the world, HOW effing scary I thought to myself. My ego also said oh yeah a day with no social media you might lose some of your loyal followers, I am such a new business owner I can’t afford to be doing that yet.  WOW how powerful is our EGO, and what a lame arse excuse that is. What was really happening here was FEAR, fear of missing out, fear of being with myself, fear of using my time better, fear of sitting my feelings.  See for most of us including myself FB and all these social media outlets are a distraction and a way of pushing us further away from ourselves. We are constantly checking OUT instead of checking in. We now have an extra finger or attachment to our hands that seems to be so normal. We walk around holding onto our phones like they are an extension of us, we use them as a safety clutch and way of being connected, but the truth is we are disconnected from ourselves and everything around us.  Its pretty bloody cray cray.

Yes we live in a world where there is a HUGE conscious shift happening but there is also a huge conscious disconnect at the same time. I Wont go into that right now as I want to share more on this topic first. But just thought it was important to bring your awareness to that.

So switching off all social media on Sunday’s the last 2 weeks was not easy for me I am not preaching to the choir here.  There were so many times that I went to my phone to check this, do that, post a pic and share what I was up to. Oh the temptations were strong, but so was my resilience and awareness.  I have to say holding space and catching myself on why I was going to do something was simply challenging but also a beautiful experience. I had a lot of aha moments throughout the day on why I was constantly reaching for my phone to check something. But the main one for me was its a habit a dirty little habit.  It has become so habitual to all of us to consistently check our stupid phones. No-one is alone on this, we all bloody do it. We do it walking up lifts, at diner parties, on dates and for some even whilst driving and at the traffic lights.  The reality is we are missing out on life as it passes us by and are not fully present with the people and nature that surrounds us. How more disengaged can we be? SERIOUSLY we all need to WAKE UP.  So often I see a group of friends out for dinner or out having coffee and there all disengaged.  There all on their phones, checking in and tagging each other and there not FULLY there, there not  PRESENT.  There to busy being distracted with what is going on elsewhere that there missing the juicy moments being offered to them right there and now. As you are reading this, how many times have you drifted away and looked at something else on your phone and computer, don’t judge it, just observe it. Trust me the more you start to observe and catch yourself doing this, the more you are going to bring yourself back to BEING, being here and now.

So what can you expect from switching off social media for a day? Below are some of my experiences.

Space  – I had so much space in my day to allow what needed to come up come up and sit with it. Rather than allowing myself to be distracted  by social media and blocking my flow,  I instead allowed my emotions, thoughts and ideas to blossom and come to the surface.

Presence – OMG,  I loved being present in every moment. I was present with my yoga students, my friends, driving and when I was cleaning my house.

Freshness – I gained a fresh space and clear head to start my week again. I loved waking up on this morning and last Monday with a new sense of purpose. I loved waking up not checking in but moving and nourishing my body with a deeper awareness to myself.

Clarity – I gained clarity around what and why I post on Facebook and Instagram and now I am more intentional with my offerings.I also gained clarity on the importance of setting boundaries with it, not having it on 24/7 turning it off my phone and computer whilst working. I gained clarity around not needing to constantly check the news feeds. It will all still be there if and when I decide to check it.

Awareness – I gained an awareness of why I would go to check something. What was I trying to feed? My ego, through how many likes or comments I received. Who cares how many likes it got, what about how many people it reached, who it has touched. I gained an awareness and understanding of the purpose behind my posts. This was a big one for me.

Freedom – I loved the freedom it gave me within myself. The freedom to just be,  BE with myself and the people surrounding me.

Seriously lovers, I freaking LOVE social media free Sundays. The space, clarity and freedom I have gotten from 2 Sundays without it has been amazing. I invite you and your friends to join me every Sunday and let’s get back to how Sunday’s used to be, THey used to be about rest, about spending time with friends, family and loved ones. So LETS bring some off that old school goodness back and start a world-wide social media free Sunday tribe.

Comment below and pop over to Tula Living on Facebook to join me and many others on Social media free sundays.

How Social Media Hi-jacked My Life! 6 Weeks of Recovery…

Roshi xx


  1. michelle fuder

    I just so enjoyed your blog post for July.The goody old days when we had no shops open no service stations on Sundays. The focus was on Family loved ones and spending time creating memories. Simple Sundays, so easy to restart your mindset and set goals to be free of Social connection for ONE WHOLESOME DAY. Believe in yourself it is EASY and the the feeling gives you clarity to think. You can enjoy nature at its best and do all the most enjoyable free offerings the Creator has to offer without any FUSS or OH IWILL MISS OUT ATTITUDE!! SO, the old days of yesteryear are the best. I so enjoyed your July blog it makes so much sense in this man made busy world. You are a social media legend Roshi.xxxxooooo

  2. Thanks Lovely 😉 This is a great post!
    I’ve already set up boundaries with social medi because I’ve noticed how time consuming (and time wasting) it could be. But I can’t wait to set up one whole day per week without it. I am sure that would be awesome. I’ll let you know 😉

    With Niko, my bf, we used to joke about that, seeing all these people everywhere glued on their phone. We use to call them the iZombie 😀

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