Nourishment is a HUGE part of my life on so many levels andit  is also a huge key component Imageto the coaching programmes I offer. Nourishment to me is more than just nourishing ourselves with yummy, wholesome, clean and organic food. Nourishment to me means fuelling my body with friends, daily movement and so much more. Self nourishment is so important as we must first give back and love ourselves before we can love another.  Lots of my clients and friends ask, ‘where am I supposed to find the time to do all these beautiful things? I don’t have enough hours in the morning, or a free 20 minutes to meditate’. Most of us, on avergae waste at least 20 minutes daily on Facebook, so why not make that good use of your time and give back to yourself? I am always sharing with my clients that firstly it does not have to be timely, secondly it does not have to be timely, and thirdly it does not or should not have to be timely to nourish ourselves. All it takes is 5 minutes here, maybe 30 to 45 minutes  there and VOILA, you have given back to your bright beautiful self.  Below I share with you 5 ways I give back to my sweet self daily.

MOVEMENT – I love, love, love,  love, love, OK,  LOVE  to MOVE  my body daily. I love to go for walks out in nature,  take swims in the ocean, do interval training and of course practice yoga. I make a HUGE effort to MOVE and love my body daily,  anywhere between 5 to 90 minutes.

MEDITATION –  Daily meditation is a huge part of my self nourishment. Taking time to sit and be with that deeper part of myself is key to so many areas of my life. The more I sit and be with myself daily the clearer,  more loving and more open I become. I don’t always have 20- 30 minutes sometimes all I get is 5, but 5 is better than none right?  So whatever time it is I have,  I make sure I savour and soak up all the juicy sweet moments I am offering to myself. That time connecting deeper to myself is so precious. Meditation has become a HUGE part of my life and I get soooo excited for this ME time daily.

FOOD – I love to nourish my body daily with wholesome foods. I cook 80 percent of my meals as I love to know what I am putting into my body for fuel. I eat seasonal, organic, fresh produce and LOVE the feeling and vitality my body gets from it. I could seriously go on and on here about self  nourishment through food, but I will save all of that chatter for another special blog post.

FRIENDS – I connect daily with friends whether its in person, via text or social media. This is a HUGE part of my life. I treasure my friendships. They are so vital to my health and wellness and I feel so blessed to say that all of my friends are continuously filling up my love-cup. They are all so inspiring, supportive, open and loving. I am SOOOO freaking grateful to you all.

READING – I love to read,  even again if  it’s just for 5 – 10 minutes a day. My favourite time to read is in bed just before sleepy time.  I love to read books that inspire, enrich and enlighten me. My fave book at the mo is Spirit Junkie by Gabreille Bernstein.

How do you nourish your sweet self daily? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Wishing you all a beautiful self-loving and nourishing day.

From my heart to yours,

Roshi x x

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