2016 Wrap up


img_4854WOW, what a big year. That’s all I can say straight of the mark. Holy moly when I reflect and look back over 2016 it was big for so many reasons and the offerings and opportunities to grow, learn, love, be stretched, be confronted, expand and grow some more have been mega big. But I am seriously so thankful for each of them, because, without all the highs, lows ups and downs I wouldn’t be sitting here where I am in this beautiful moment pondering and reflecting on the year that has been.

This year as most of you know has me see out my first year of being a mama to my beautiful little boy Louis. This role comes with no guide book at all, but a whole heap of tuning into my intuition and trusting that what I do and feel is oh so right in that moment. Being entrusted with this role as Louis’ mum has had me on my knees in tears not knowing the answers because there are none. Its reminded me to surrender more than one hundred billion times. It’s had me reacting and being completely out of my body and in my head more times than I can remember and it has had me lean and see so much more about myself than I thought possible to even comprehend at times.

So this year has taught and offered me so much more than ever before and I LOVE taking time at this time of year to sit and reflect on the year that was, let go of what no longer serves me and create some space and clarity so I can really get clear on what its is I want to bring in and how I want to feel in alignment and integrity for 2017. So guys below in no particular order is some reflections off my life and experiences from this past year.

  • I’ve made it through my first year of being a mama (insert high five) 
  • I got engaged on Anzac day to my beautiful Soulmate and partner in life Tim, could not be more happy about this. 
  • I turned 40 (yes guys I know I did)
  • I went back to teaching when Louis was 9 weeks old (this was a mammoth step to take)
  • I’ve juggled, teaching, being a mum, running a house, cooking meals, shopping, cleaning, wiping shitty nappies and more whilst trying to hold it all together (not so very well at times)
  • I ran my second retreat with some beautiful Yogi souls
  • I ran 5 yoga workshops throughout the year
  • I joined an incredible sideline business along some seriously incredible souls ( this has been amazing and life changing)
  • I let go of toxic friendships and re-introduced some new ones
  • I got out of my own way and joined a mother’s group 
  • I found my voice to speak my truth from my heart
  • I let my ego win oh so many times over crazy arse mindless stuff
  • I forgave myself numerous times 
  • I opened up to LOVE like I never knew possible
  • I really learned what unconditional LOVE is
  • I had many, many, many sleepless nights
  • I ranted at Tim many a time at crazy hours of the night
  • I nagged Tim over small shit
  • I said sorry to Tim numerous times 
  • I’ve been reminded to see the  joy is the small things in life thanks to Louis 
  • I get to experience life through a new set of eyes and am so grateful
  • I’ve learnt what mama guilt feels like numerous times already 
  • I’ve learned to accept that my body is different now
  • I hated my post baby body at times 
  • I’ve learned to re-love and connect with my body in a different way
  • I love taking 5 minutes to be still and breathe even more so than ever before
  • I appreciate stillness 
  • I appreciate pockets of baby free time
  • I’ve worked on letting go off what others think of me (who cares)
  • I understand there is a whole new world of judgement out there in this crazy parenting world
  • I’ve learned only you know best as a mama and to block out some of the noise and advice you don’t need from others
  • I’ve learned to give that little knowing smile to other mama’s more often as were all in this together
  • I’ve found a new respect and love for all the mama’s out there

I’ve changed and grown this year like I could never put into words. This past year has had so many beautiful crazy moments amidst it all and a massive dose of self learning and growing that I can not even describe in words. Re-learning who I am as a role of a mother now, fiancé, parent and business owner has broken and stripped me back to my core so that I can now move forward into these roles with a sense of being more grounded, calm, open and accepting. So thanks 2016 for all of that.

2017 I am ready and open.

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