I’m Not a Perfect Yogi

images-1Somewhere amongst our ego’s and thought process as a newer or even older more established yoga student we have this pre-conceived idea in our minds of what a yoga teacher looks like. We make them out to be in our heads “PERFECT”.  We imagine they walk through life, effortlessly with out any pain or suffering and that they are untouchable from shit hitting the fan. Hmm well I beg to differ here as this is not the truth from my own personal experience anyway.

I actually choke on the idea and thought that any of my students place me into a “perfect bracket”.  Its scares me how vulnerable we can all be and I personally love the term and refer to it always that we are all  imperfectly perfect just as we are right now.

I too remember being in the mindset and putting my teachers up pedi stools, hanging off every word they said and thinking OMG they have so got there shit sorted, how perfect are they, wish I was just like them. Hmm not the case at all I can assure you.  As a yoga teacher and student  I have definitely have not got my shit together, I am far from the idealist conformed yogi.  I am still working daily moment to moment on myself, growing, shifting, expanding, contracting, laughing, crying and being ok with my imperfect self.

So below I share with you all 10 reasons why I am not a perfect yogi. I feel complied to share because I think it is so important for us all to see each and every being as ONE, not one of us separate from the other, not one of us perfect and not one of us on any better  journey or any less off a path than the other.  For me in my mind and feeling it is simply about showing up for ourselves daily, nourishing ourselves, being mindful of ourselves and others and always, always coming back to being and living from a space of LOVE. 

1: I am not naturally flexible.

2: I love the F word and I am not shy to use it.

3: I ‘m a REALIST. Im an every day girl that goes through they same emotional bullshit as anyone else. I have the same thoughts, doubts and disbeliefs. I worry about cellulite, veins, pimple, ass fat, wobbly thighs, fitting in, etc, etc.

4: I drink coffee.

5: I don’t wake up and 5am every day to meditate.

6: I don’t practice yoga 7 days a week.

7: I get road rage BIG time.

8: I eat red meat.

9: I freaking LOVE chocolate.

and lastly

10: I enjoy sex.

So as you can see I am just an every day modern yogi  showing up for myself daily. I LOVE who I am, I embrace my imperfections and accept myself whole-heartedly. I am not going to bull shit you and hide my authentic self and I ask you sweet souls to do the same.

EMBRACE your selfs fully and whole-heartedly flaws, pimples, cursing and all. 

Would love for you to share in the comments below what makes you the not so perfect yogi student/teacher, or not so perfect mum, sister, partner, etc  and how do you find acceptance around it.

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