About - Roshini M
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“I have a camera in my hand nearly everywhere I go. With my eyes wide open I’m looking to capture the next magical moment and so to, my heart opens to the wanders of the world.”

Hello, hello and welcome guys. I am so happy you have stopped by to take a peep at my offerings and learn a little more about me.


Firstly, I’m Roshi, a Sydney based photographer (soon to be Gold Coast), and let me be honest I really dislike a LONG, boring about page so I am going to keep this authentic and short and sweet for you guys.


I seriously have so many reasons each day to be grateful, so many passions/loves and projects and I am just so dam pumped that my main one photography I have now managed to make into my full-time jam.


I love being outdoors exploring new beaches, landscapes, cities and capturing the beauty of life and all of the beautiful people in it too.


I feel so LIT up when I have my camera in my hand, everything feels in sync and I just love capturing and freezing moments in time that would likely otherwise never be remembered. (so freaking amazing right!)


I have a really relaxed vibe to my style of photography and the way I shoot. I like to allow my subject to come alive, open up and then I really get in there and capture the ESSENCE of who they are. I’m not big on staged photos (a few here and there), but I much rather have you move around, play, laugh, connect and this allows the picture to speak beyond what words can describe.


From celebrations such as weddings, elopements, engagements, and pregnancy, to helping build personal brands or shooting yogi’s, I can help you capture the moment and tell the story to last the test of time.

“Never let your mind tell your heart not to wander.”


I’m Roshi….

A huge, huge, huge virtual hug and welcome to you, sweet soul-seeking dreamer. I totally dig that you have taken the time to pop by, scroll, explore and be nourished.

What it is I do…

I am a yoga teacher and mentor to new inspiring teachers. I spend my days teaching, mentoring, blogging, reading and studying.

Why visit this space? What will it offer your soul?

This space will inspire you with vlogs, blogs, interviews and much, much more on how you can live and embrace a yogic lifestyle both on and off the mat. I know first hand how easy it can be to practice these methods during a guided class with a teacher, a class where you are constantly being reminded to breathe, connect, nourish, sweat, listen and tune in with your Self. However, it’s a totally different story off the mat. We become stressed, we push, we strive, we forget to breathe, we disconnect from ourselves and reach out externally for all of the answers. So, expect to be inspired, uplifted and enriched in this space as we all evoke and share together.

My daily manifesto… 

I am on a mission to empower you to be more, live more and show up more sweetly for yourself. I believe being happy starts with LOVING and ACCEPTING ourselves. From this space, and only from this space, can we show up more abundantly in all other areas of our life. We can start to be more present in our jobs, for our partners and for our families. I love giving back in my job, but I am only able to give back and show up for you guys because of the self-love and acceptance I have within myself.

A little about my present journey and past…

This wellness path I am on now hasn’t always been so. My past has not always been pretty and I haven’t always been healthy. There were times in my life when I was far from it. You see, I used to search everywhere outside of myself for all of the answers. I canned the booze, smoked, travelled, took drugs and partied like no tomorrow, but all to wake up feeling evermore distant from the connection to myself. In hindsight, I was actually running further away from myself, putting up more and more layers and blocking myself from my truth and purpose of being.

I am still not perfect now, lets get that straight nobody bloody is! This journey of mine is still unfolding, unravelling and still has its constant ups and downs. Life will always throw us shit, but now I have more awareness, more self-belief and more ‘get up and go’ to ride the sweet, sweet choppy waves of life.

Yoga has been an absolute godsend and best friend for me. I fell in love with it while living in Ireland, when I was still partying, smoking and doing all of those deliciously fun but toxic things to my body and soul. The more I went and nourished myself with this practice of yoga, the more aware I became that I did not need to go out and get wasted to be happy. I started to experience that I did not need to purchase the hottest new outfit’s every week to fuel my soul. I also started to realise that nourishing my body with healthy foods was really quite pointless because I was still trashing it with substances and a whole lot of self-doubt and negative talk.


From that space and awareness unveiled a whole new lifestyle and way of being for me. I set off to Bali on route back to the southern hemisphere to do my yoga teacher training. I also studied health coaching, set up my own business and am now a self-employed soulpreneur. I can unquestionably say that I am the happiest and the healthiest I have ever been in my 38 years of being.

I have switched the marlboro lights, shots of tequila and joint smoking for walks on the beach, swims in the ocean, meditating in nature, running, yoga and whole lot of soul-sister connecting time.